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Ikariam allows you to: make alliances, build cities, expand your territory, and make great armies. With enough time and resources, your city will become the heart of an empire. Ikariam has some whisperings of games like Civilization, without the addition of years or decades. Your first view of Ikariam after logging in will be of your town, including a Town hall in the middle of a land populated by parcels with red and blue flags. When you register into the game, you must click on the box to agree to the Terms and Conditions. These resources are needed to advance your civilization.

Luxury resources are used at advanced levels of constructing buildings and training superior units. Used for all buildings except for the Academy and the Temple. Used for building the Academy and the Temple expansion and in upgrading your units and ships. Palaces of Level 5 and higher. Used by the Tavern once you research Wine Culture.