Volume indicator forex tsd

Hi Folks I am writing a program to keep a record of the Order Ticket numbers in an array. There is an issue that I cant seem to resolve. I am very new in MQL4 coding. I am trying to modify it such that if I load it on volume indicator forex tsd about 15 different pairs, I do not want trade to open in more than 3 pairs at any particular time even if the conditions for opening trade in the other pairs are met.

Do you have interest or hobby outside trading ? Well, why don’t show it here. Most are of the opinion it is a zero sum game. TRADING IS GAMBLING , YOU BET RED OR BLACK ALL DAY , YOU DO NOT KNOW THE OUTCOME . A trader has to find greater fools every day , during his trading activities, to pay him more than what he paid for the currencies or instrument. Know any broker that offer fixed spread ECN accounts?

Good day house, I just wanted to know if anyone has knowledge of any broker offering an ECN account with fixed spread. Thanks in advance for your replies. There certainly is a Holy Grail! It is generally accepted in the trading community that there is no Holy Grail.

That is a very human and absolutely normal way of dealing with the subject. I’ve 3 different input parameters : P1 , P2 and P3 . Some potential solutions should be discarded right away when the constraints are not respected. Just had new EA built and noticed when my terminal wasn’t current that I couldn’t get EA to open or run. No matter how many times I try to download mt5 I still get the 1816 build not the new June 2, 2018 1835 build which is what I need to upgrade to and run my new EA. I want to know how many people from Indonesia is joining this forum. If you’re from Indonesia, please comment this topic.

01 00:03:30   array out of range in ‘Ratio expert advisor. I m sorry to my english. I never trade in real account, just demo. I don t understand why, I see a huge difference of spread.

Divergence can be calculated on current candle close. I have downloaded MT4 from both BDSwiss and Alpari. They were working perfectly fine, but I reset my laptop and fully reinstalled Windows 10. I could not yet figure out what type the array has to be of, if it is possible at all. I’m having a little loss right now, but I think I’ll close the deal with profit.

The first forex cool system ever! HI, my dear traders, this system is very simple,as well as very effective. It is based on Renko chart. I’m struggling with a system that enters supports and resistance, some ideas on how to structure the entrance. Some people asked me on the other forums about re-enter.