Traderji amibroker forex

NOW which Feeds realtime data to Amibroker. 1 has release automated backfill tool recently. More traderji amibroker forex data as we pick up every callback from RTD. If you keep chart open in Nest Terminal and compare, the bars should generally match.

Lower Timeframe data is more accurate. Create one if you can and share under GPLv3. For Backfill, Fill the data in VWAP. Tools are released under GPL 3. This is not a money making idea . There is no one time fee, there is no regular fee.

You are free to modify code and to redistribute. If you distribute it, you will have to release it under GPL3 giving same rights to others as i give to you. The tools have been tested on Nest and Now with help from josh1. I dont have time to hand hold anyone. Please take effort to read instructions.