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Collusion is a non-competitive clandestine or sometimes illegal agreement between rivals that attempts to disrupt the market’s equilibrium. In financial markets, collusion can take many forms. Groups may collude by sharing private information allowing them to benefit from insider knowledge. Traders participating in accommodation trading, where securities are exchanged at non-competitive prices, are involved in collusion. Similarly, companies may collude by setting a maximum price for supplies that they purchase. Companies may collude to eliminate or reduce competition.

Factors That Deter Collusion The biggest deterrent against collusion in the United States is that it is an illegal practice. Antitrust laws aim to prevent collusion between companies. It is extremely difficult to coordinate and execute a collusion agreement. This is particularly true if there are a large number of companies involved or if the environment is highly regulated. Defection is another key deterrent of collusion. In 2013, Apple was accused of illegally conspiring with five of the biggest publishers to prevent Amazon from selling titles at a price of their choosing and at a loss, which amounted to price fixing.

Apple settled the case out-of-court in 2014. Justice Department is no longer expected to file charges of collusion against U. I finally got time to go through the regulations under the Bankruptcy Code. But this is no guarantee that it will work as anticipated. Though India’s bankruptcy eco-system would have moved into cartelisation investopedia forex superior equilibrium, resolution and liquidation is unlikely to disappear as a major pain point while doing business in India. How good will be the valuation agencies?