Rentasignal forex

List down EA you have started live trading? Steinitz HAS MTF Hedge EA v3. Here are some interesting charts about the main account at Alpari UK. These charts are linked rentasignal forex the statement so continuously refreshing each day.

Until mid August, the system was under a heavy development. Since the last modification the profit is increasing heavily. As seen on the chart EURCHF is not traded since August. The other instruments are performing well especially the USDCHF pair without any major drawbacks. The EURUSD and the USDJPY pairs had some deep drawbacks but recovered very fast. Let’s see how the EA will continue to make money during the following months. So all the above instruments are performaing great, while the GBPUSD is not.

I will remove the GBPUSD instrument from this account until further testing. The only difference from the original testing on Alpari UK, that this one is running on GBPUSD as well, so EURUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF and GBPUSD are involved. Since the last upgrade on 10th of July, the account balance is smoothly growing. It means that the EA can work on data where it has never been optimized.

It’s a major step of finalizing the EA and let it run on real accounts. Some statistics shown below until 11st of August. Below you can see the dashboard connected to the live account. All other Forex Majors seem running smoothly as well, so not make sense to deal with USDJPY on a different terminal. These are the final results of the forward testing on Alpari UK.

Since 10th of July I did not modified the code of the EA, it’s getting to be final soon. There was only one major drawback on EURCHF on the 29th of July. So starting today I’ve removed the EURCHF signals, it’s just too risky to go with it. This chart shows the net profit of each instrument.