Rahsia kuasa forex forum

I am very new in this forum, this is my 2nd month rahsia kuasa forex forum Elite section. My main reason in starting this thread is to get help of experience coders in this exclusive forum to look into the following trading system into an EA.

This is a commercial system I bought it online and find it very profitable trading manually, but the major problem is I always miss the entry signal. The system is called Kuasa Forex , originally written in Malay language by Nasir. I will explain how the author use the system after the image files. Use it on 4 major pairs and GBPJPY, M30 chart.

Trend indicate by M30, signal on M1. 1st bigger dot on BBand_Stop in M30, profit taking by trailing stop. Enter on market price when signal on M1 is in line with the main trend of M30. Always miss the entry opportunity when the 1st dot is formed.

On M30, the 1st bigger dot may disappear while forming, I suggets to enter only when the 2nd smaller dot is formed. Better profit if enter at the beginning stage of bigger dot is formed and exit on the reverse trend dot of BBand_stop on M30. You may refer to the image files above for profit potential. S: This is a great forum and I learn a lot here.

Or, may be, the system which you bought is some old ISAKAS version. Anyway it is very very similar with the free system developed by zeman for our public forum. May be i am wrong but I think that it is free ISAKAS system. Besides you bought the system developed on our forum.

Besides, it is free system posted in the public. This system was developed by zeman. 175290 is very big but you will easily find updated new versions. Thanks for your information, I am so stupid to have paid for a free staff. Anyway, I bought it before getting to know this forum. But I still feel like being cheated. Anyway, do you think it still can be coded as an EA?

11 with all the indicators which you bought. As to BBands_stop_V1 indicator so it is free indcator developed on our forum and for our forum by Igorad. He coded many indicators and EAs for elite section. It is very difficult to speak about it without zeman. Hi ND, Thanks for your information, I am so stupid to have paid for a free staff.

Magicfx, in this FOREX world you will find a lot of criminals, white collar criminals and nice people too. You should not forget neither that trend could be your friend but your broker will never be that. He got very upset when he got the PDF. The seller may have sold 100 of those scams and he could have made 6k or 7k. I am obviously a victim of such scam.

I found some thread discussing about those so-called profitable EA being sold online especially in auction sites are actually free. Hi ND, is Zeman also an elite member? I will PM him to see if he is interested. I’m sorry if there is a way to check this out, but I’m new in both forex and using forum. That is nothing strange: the systems developed on our public forum are very popular. I have some requests from developers and coders to move some public threads and even the sections to elite section because the developers and coders know that meaning of elite section is ‘not for everybody’. I am not doing it only because public members will not be agree and they are majority as you understand.