Profitchart back testing forex

Metatrader, it is important to accurately interpret and analyze the results of your backtest. Modelling Quality, this number tells profitchart back testing forex how accurate your model was. If you have a Modelling Quality of less than ninety, then the results of the backtest should be ignored. Closely related to the Modelling Quality score are Mismatched Bars.

The rest of the report tab gives you a general idea of how well the strategy performed. Information such as the total number of trades, profitability factor, maximal drawdown, and information about the number and ratio of winning and losing trades. The information presented on this screen gives traders a template through which to begin analysis of their EA. Right click anywhere on the screen and click Save as Report.

Once you have saved the report a window will launch showing the report you have saved. It’s important not to rush in and instead take a step back to thoroughly test the strategy or EA through back testing. Before we look at how to test if an Expert Advisor is profitable, first let’s look at what forex back testing actually is? Forex back testing allows you to test the EA in order to see whether it actually does what it should do. Any forex trading system is completely useless if it doesn’t do what you expected it to do. Back testing uses historical data to enable you to see how the EA would have performed.