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Rather it’s a funnel for a plethora of MLM bitcoin Ponzi scams. I failed miserably in several MLM companies. My daughter Lital was born in 2009 and I had to support my new family, I couldn’t go on for long without any income. My mom insisted all the time that I need to get paypal bitcoin review degree in the University and then get a job.

After studying for a finance and management degree, Dubinin signed up with My Lead System Pro in 2014. And so began the career of what appears to be a serial scammer. Since My Lead System Pro Dubinin has recruited anyone who will follow him into any number of dubious opportunities. He gets his cut, and then it’s onto the next recruitment scam.

236,000 online and recruit over 449 people into several affiliate programs. As with the rest of the MLM underbelly, in 2017 Dubinin primarily switched to cryptocurrency scams. That saw him launch Bitcoins Wealth Club, which today boasts 78,879 affiliates. This is done for the sole purpose of making them receptive to the various scams Dubinin promotes to them. In this sense Module 4 is key to dissecting the company. 2 strategies to become a millionaire in 2018! USI-Tech started out as a pyramid scheme and then a few months ago switched to bitcoin Ponzi fraud.

ROI passively with a very reliable company. Cryp Trade Capital is a bitcoin Ponzi scheme offering annual ROIs of up to 361. Trade Coin Club is a bitcoin Ponzi scheme offering daily ROIs of up to 0. In what appears to be the first signs of collapse, Trade Coin Club began locking top investors out of their accounts a few months ago. Mindset 24 Global is the odd one out of the bunch. As opposed to bitcoin Ponzi fraud, Mindset 24 Global operates as a pyramid scheme.

Conclusion Bitcoins Wealth Club is a feeder funnel. Everyone who signs up gets funneled into Vitaliy Dubinin’s downline in the various featured companies. When money is spent by new Bitcoins Wealth Club recruits he gets a cut, on top of revenue derived via his own participation in the scams. No doubt as some of Bitcoins Wealth Club’s featured scams collapse, new ones will be sourced. That is I suppose if sustained victim losses don’t see Dubinin shut it down. Through Bitcoins Wealth Club Dubinin permits free access to his school of scamming, but the reality is the business models of the featured opportunities guarantee losses for the majority of participants. That might not be immediately apparent as scams do need to pay out to encourage subsequent recruitment.