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This page is a starting point for all the people interested ordini condizionati forex trading trading with DuettoFX. The overall profit potential is about 4000 pips per month, while a basic trading strategy was able to pocket 9000 pips in the 5 months period.

The post 1000 Pips per Month with a Single Indicator is a follow-up of the previous article where the edge-ratio analysis is extended to 10 charts and 25 months. 1000 pips per month during the entire analysis period. The DuettoFX is applied to an hourly chart and using MT4’s Data Window I explain exactly when is the moment to enter long and short trades according to this strategy. The post Trading Divergences with DuettoFX describes a special way to trade DuettoFX manually. The trick is spotting divergences between price action and DuettoFX’s spread.

Although this is not an exact science, the examples of divergences over the last 6 months on EURUSD clearly show a substantial profit potential. Over the last few months this approach has been particularly effective with EURUSD. DuettoFX with its standard settings is extremely good for spotting both regular and hidden divergences. DuettoFX Swing Trader EA, and suggests the use of divergences as a way to identify the right time to close manually some trades thus cashing in more profits. The post Correlation 101 describes how to use the DuettoFX Matrix Indicator for spotting inversely correlated currency pairs, which are the best candidates for being traded with DuettoFX. Facebook Auto Publish Powered By : XYZScripts.

For more details on how to enter, change or cancel the orders, please read the platforms section of this site. The transition to a new trading systems in the Stock Exchange. Exception being the orders on the open Mutual Funds of the Borsa -the Italian Stock Exchange, which can only be placed as “at the market orders”. In relation to the market phases you can choose between different parameters, depending on the market in which you operate. ASAP – as soon as possible , which is also the default mode on order entry form . Actually, the order will enter into negotiation in the AH market only if it was received during AH market session, or in the short interval between the closing of the daytime session and the opening of the After Hours market.

Italian Equities market pre-opening session in the next trading day. This type of order can be placed at any time of the day, and is immediately forwarded by Directa to the market: In fact, the Stock Exchange accepts these orders – and their eventual cancellation – even during the previous market phases, and, based on the price, assign execution “priorities” in the order of arrival. Orders at the closing price, or at the best price orders not executed in the regular closing auction phase will take part in this trading session as default. The order is sent to the Italian evening After Hours market.

The order is sent to the first session of the following auction at the time of order receipt: It could be the opening auction, closing auction, or the first re-admission auction after a suspension of the security. If the order is not executed in the auction, instead of being sent to the next trading phase it will be deleted automatically. In these cases, the investor will have to follow up and check the order status, and eventually re-enter the order in following trading session, or the next day. For the other characteristics, where compatible, what we have already explained a bove applies, just like the standard orders with daily validity.

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Testing i with only LONG positions. Pues no me aclaro con tu indicador. How to speed up calculation of indicators? Warning: Trading may expose you to risk of loss greater than your deposits and is only suitable for experienced clients who have sufficient financial means to bear such risk.

The articles, codes and content on this website only contain general information. Общайтесь и обменивайтесь опытом на форуме с трейдерами всего мира и помогайте ответами новичкам — наше сообщество развивается вместе с вами. Сегодня обновился терминал МТ5 и не показывается окно “Оптимизация” во время теста  Сегодня обновился терминал. Остановил оптимизацию,  только после этого вкладка “оптимизация” появилась.