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Poland’s leading English-language business information monthly. 48 22 257 kursy walut online onet forex market onety waluty forex ext. Blockchain is taking the world by storm.

New innovative solutions are announced every week. But for a layman the technology remains little more than a buzzword, with more questions surrounding it that actual answers. Blockchain is already making a mark on the financial industry, and even though its effects will be hidden from end-consumers, it will no doubt revolutionize a lot of industries. 1 billion in less than three years.

With this in mind, we need to be honest with ourselves. We will not get a massive stream of unicorns in the near future coming out of the CEE region. The tech world has been buzzing with headlines in the past few months. 2017 by the European Commission and is facing more anti-trust litigation. Its Q1 results also leave a lot to be desired.

On April 2, the Falcon 9 rocket was launched by Space X from Cape Canaveral in Florida. All innovative endeavors require an injection of know-how and people with vision and ambition. Over the course of eight years it has evolved from a small research unit into the ESA’s partner in its own right. From a science-business cooperation project, Creotech Instruments has grown into a major player in the space industry and one of the fastest-developing companies in Europe in just a handful of years. Currently, the firm employs 70 people, operating as a joint stock company since 2012.

Litvínov plant in the Czech Republic, a company press release read. The project is Orlen’s largest investment in the Czech market and the biggest in the history in the petrochemical sector in the country, the Polish refiner also said. The unit will be launched in 2018. 1 billion in the Czech Republic. 48 22 257 75 00 ext.