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I understand that regulators are wary of this technology nick spanos bitcoin center the fact is that it’s coming. How to build a regulatory framework for blockchain Regulating blockchain is among the most complex questions of our time.

It is the distributed nature of blockchain which is the pillar for its technological potential. What are the general trends to look out for when it comes to taxation? However, the devil is in the detail. How does grey areas within regulations of the ICO and crypto space present problems in a macroeconomic environment? Will blockchain replace the top-down approach of contemporary government? Blockchain is envisaged to give rise to a number of possibilities in changing the modes of governance. Marketing your ICOGoogle and Facebook have both banned ads for cryptocurrency-related content.

Does this open up the landscape for affiliates? How can you get your ICO message out there? Marketing to the Generation ZDefining your audience for marketing couldn’t be more relevant when it comes to the crypto space. What appeals to them and how do they differ from other consumers?

White paper 101Writing a white paper is the most important marketing tool in your marketing kit for a successful ICO, with regulators stipulating the importance around strongly written whitepapers the focus on quality is more important than ever. YoY growth, the global interest and curiosity around Cryptotrading are unquestionable. In this session, we will explore the different types of tokens in association with the business purpose and the underlying value of the said token. How do you spot a good ICO? Not sure which coin or token will bring you lucrative returns?