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New RBZ policy commendable but . As per a lawsuit filed by Ocean Avenue, Visalus hired a private investigator firm to conduct acts of hacking and corporate espionage at their behest. Visalus distributors working with Ocean Avenue, Ocean Avenue employees, Ken Dunn and Fred Ninow. Additionally Visalus distributors who joined Ocean Avenue had their email accounts and other social media accounts and cell phone accounts hacked into shortly after Visalus discovered they had signed up with Ocean Avenue. Nate Moser, of the firm Moser and Associates, was even accused of breaking into Ocean Avenue’s offices and making off with one of their computers. Ocean Avenue alleged that Visalus’ hiring of the firm was a response to several high-ranking Visalus affiliates joining Ocean Avenue in late 2012 and early 2013. Enter the Department of Justice, who covertly began investigating the case sometime in 2013.

This investigation has now concluded, resulting in four indictments on charges of conspiracy to access the e-mail accounts, Skype accounts, and computers. Moser and Siragusa hired Trent Williams and Sumit Gupta, among others, to hack into the victim’s e-mail accounts, Skype accounts and protected computers. One of those clients of course being Carlo Pacileo, acting on behalf of Visalus corporate. Moser, Siragusa, and Williams made their initial appearances in San Jose yesterday before the Honorable Paul S. 100,000 bond, with his wife signing as surety and custodian.