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Any idea what was driving this? Happy to see a bit more but nervous with all my retail holdings. What’s caused this drop in price? 105 cos Bonm refuse to adjust their profit expectations for the year Lol, these shares are cheap. Mo money less problems sounds good to me! We have a daily and weekly kumo cloud breakout.

Having written about stocks in the past 15 months, I noticed some pattern forming. If I write a bearish piece about a particular, most readers would say you don’t know what I’m talking, saying it is a rubbish article or the company is going to reach for the stars. Then when I am bullish on a company, the attitude changes. People start to say this is the best analysis I ever read and so forth. Given we are in a bull market and most investors can only know to go long on a stock, there is a bias for being long rather than being short.

2 per share in 17 months. The key to analysing retailers is where their CASH GENERATION coming from. For Bonmarche, they generating cash internally and paying dividends, a great sign for a competitive business. My full analysis is in my previous post.