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I’m New To Jankone forex trading – Where Do I Start? This is a discussion on I’m New To T2W – Where Do I Start?

If you’re not yet a member, joining T2W is quick, simple and FREE! Now, here are three links to help you get the most out of T2W . Please take a minute to read through our simple Community Constitution. It won’t take long – promise!

What is T2W and what are its objectives? What are the main areas of the site? Is there a reputation system and how does it work? Are there any guidelines about writing reviews? What forum tools are there and how do I use them? How can I contact other T2W members?

How do I report a post? How does one spot experienced, knowledgeable and profitable traders on T2W? T2W is a fantastic community and a great resource for new and established traders alike. The 10 mini-FAQs below offer an insight into how you can get the most from the site – and contribute the most to it .

Investors who aim to profit from the markets over the longer term, i. The aim of T2W is simple, we want to unite and support active traders across the globe. To this end we provide a range of facilities that enable our members to communicate with one another, share their knowledge and express their views. Furthermore, we seek to provide educational and thought provoking content to help better educate our members in their trading lives. Alternatively, go to the Contact Us page.