James16 group forex price action strategies

West Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa, Western Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia. The Authority’ on Price Action Trading. In 2016, Nial won the Million Dollar Trader Competition. Today I want to share james16 group forex price action strategies you guys 7 things that no one ever told me when I began trading, and that I didn’t read on any Forex website.

1: You don’t have to be exceptionally smart to trade successfully Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions that most people seem to have about professional traders is that they are ultra-smart Ivy-League math-wiz’s who have some super-human ability to make money in the markets. So, don’t be overwhelmed by the endless amount of complicated trading systems and messy looking indicators that seem like something only Einstein could make sense of. 2:  Humans are not naturally good at trading Whilst it is true that some people are naturally a little better at trading than others, it’s also true that the habits and mindset we need to consistently pull money out of the markets is not something anyone is born with. Basically, we come pre-wired to suck at trading.

When we have our real money on the line in the markets, our brains basically behave as if someone or some animal is about to steal all the food we just worked really hard to kill and bring back to the cave. We have really only lived in the age of computers and modern-technology for about 50 years or so, and electronic trading on the internet is much newer than that. 4: It takes time to become a successful trader You probably aren’t going to hear this one from anyone in the mainstream Forex world either. Forex trading systems really want you to think that trading is easy and that soon you’ll be pulling a full-time income out of the markets.

I am not here to discourage you, because you CAN make money in the markets, I personally know quite a few traders who do, including myself. I believe that anyone can be a successful trader if they are willing to work for it. 9 to 5 job and you never know for sure how much you will make any given month, some people don’t like this uncertainty, actually most people don’t. This is why some traders try to set goals to make an exact dollar amount each month.