How to beat forex

Many traders have been trying for a long time to beat the how to beat forex. If someone comes and look at forex and how prices move, he would say it is easy. It is very difficult, it is even difficult to make 1 pip!

In forex you cannot have a guaranteed 1 pip. If someone does have a system to make a 1 pip “guaranteed”, I will make him a millionaire. Because according to above, you will tend to end up losing the longer or the more you trade. It is better to trade less and win more. For example, if you acheive your target for this month, you should stop trading until you see the conditions are favorable again. The less you trade the more chance you have to end up in profit. USE a dealer which gives you the least spread available in market2.

Which of them do you use ? There is a post here in the forum somewhere, where Scorpion showed how he beat the spread, opening positions with one goal, to get it to the 0 fast. You should check it out, will be interesting for you. Just tell us what is your strategy and discuss here.

Where is the post by scorpion. I use the known Hans strategym, but only trading EURUSD second session only. Also I use SIBKIS and fozzy methods. Fine how the broker is manipulating price or software. Rock1 but you still need discipline.