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Bear this in mind and don’t panic if you get unexpected results. The easiest way to install GNU Octave on Microsoft Windows is by using MXE builds. For executable installers, the user can simply run the downloaded file and follow the on-screen installation prompts. It is recommended that the installation path does not include spaces or non-ASCII characters. Shortcuts to the program will be created automatically.

Manual shortcuts can then be created to either the octave. Note that starting with Octave 4. 0, the shortcuts will no longer start the graphical user interface by default. The user needs to add –force-gui to any manual shortcuts to start Octave with the GUI. A selection of pre-built, octave-forge packages are prepared for all versions of the official release. If instead you installed Octave from the . The command above will produce a blank output and packages will be inaccessible before rebuilding.

Note that a security related issue in Windows XP currently prevents Octave from retrieving packages from the website automatically for installation or updates when running under that Operating System, and manual package installation is necessary to update or install new packages. All the package dependencies will be also installed. I recommend to install “xinit”, “xlaunch” and “gnuplot”. 1 failure due to test sensitivity on starting point. 2 are the same as for Octave 4. 0 has a bug that prevents it from automatically retrieving packages from the Octave-Forge website for installation or updates.

Manual package installation is necessary with this version to update or install new packages on Windows. The easiest way to install GNU Octave on Microsoft Windows is using MXE builds. Known issue specific to windows version 4. Both cli and gui cannot handle path name of which contains non-ascii characters.

Workaround is to execute “setenv CC gcc” before “pkg install”. On such occasion, please try to delete . Pre-built octave-forge packages are prepared for official release. If you instead installed Octave from the . The command above will produce a blank output. For 64 bit binary distributed from the unofficial site, pre-built package are not prepared. Please follow the instruction on the distribution page.

Current octave for windows ships a not full featured gnuplot. Download and install gnuplot if you do not have it. You can find the windows installer in the “gnuplot web site for Files section” The latest version is 5. USERPROFILE directory by your favorite text editor and set gnuplot_binary e. 5 supports windows, wxt and qt terminal. On octave, windows terminal is default.

0 release installers can be found at ftp. Known issues specific to windows version 4. Pre-build octave-forge packages are not prepared from octave-3. You can install some octave-forge packages using archived sources and build script.

However, small flaws exist in current octave-4. Before install, correct version number of general and signal packages version to 2. The site that provide previous version of octave for windows of ver. 8 see Octave_for_MinGW or the Octave-Forge repository . This directory is referred hereafter as . Extract the complete directories tree from Octave3. Note that the archive contains Octave3.