Gft forex and slippage

They don’t have most of important tools such as trailing stops, . Nearly 10 months of trading with over 500 orders placed and I find CMC excellent in service and trading platform. After reading some gft forex and slippage adverse reviews of forex brokers I’m relieved I started with CMC.

The platform works fine but you need about a gig of ram with xp to be ideal. It is certainly okay with 512 ram but 1 gig is the ideal. Old computers may have lock up issues. Parallels and am unable to place Linked Orders.

SO far so good, been with them for 6 months, the platform could use an upgrade, but I hear one is in the works. Spreads and customer service are solid. I haven’t seen any orders hunted as yet. I recommend you check them out. Works most of the time with share spreadbetting. However – once I lost my connection 5 seconds after my first trade for weeks, a very short term volatility play, that was supposed to last about 30 seconds.

I finally closed my position about 3 minutes later. Much more worrying though was a pending stop order was triggered when the displayed screen price was nowhere near the stop. You may see my earlier review above. This review is an update as I would hate for people to make a judgement on my earlier review alone. In short, the software behavior changed in an instant from my earlier excellent execution to extremely sluggish execution, with price re-quotes nearly guaranteed upon clicking buy or sell. There is a huge difference between demo and real trading.