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156 Gruppo pilots Gioia del Colle in 1977 Thanks to George smith forex course Missarino : standing left to right : Paolo Bettinelli, Alfardo Caroli, Giuseppe Vainieri, Mario Naldini, Mario Morelli, Giuseppe Mastroberti, Marzio Cuoco and George akrivos forex converter Bisenia. Sitting from left to right: Fermo Missarino, Giulio Francillotti, Fabrizio Da Pozzo, Orazio Rizzi, Angelo Annibali, unknown pilot and Tommaso Ferro.

This photos has been taken probably in March or April 1954 during first test flights at Edwards AFB, when the serial was applied on the forward fuselage of the aircraft. Who recognizes the people on the photo? Flight Test Team with XF-104 number 786. Other people are not yet recognised. Who are the other persons in the group? Edwards AFB F-104B test This photo shows a group of people assigned to the Big Tail evaluation program at Edwards AFB.

During this evaluation the longer tail was extensively tested on the first build F-104B 56-3719. On this photo the group is celebrating its 100 flight hour. Who recognizes any person on this photo? The pilots are the members of the Joint Test Force Category II Flight Test Program on the F-104G. Pilots standing from left to right : Capt. Spring 1962, George AFB 1st PFTC This photo was taken during the 1st Provisional F-104 Training Course at George AFB in Spring 1962.

C aircraft, by the 4443rd CCTS. It shows a lot of pilots. Aircraft seen during the deployment included 56-896, 56-933, 57-927 and 57-929. Homestead pilots 1963 The group standing and seated in front of Starfighter 56-878 are the pilots of the 319th, probably taken in the summer of 1963 right after they became fully operational.