Futures Market is a special kind of irreversible forward transactions, the sector which occupies a small part of Forex. Its features include a fixed amount and timing of the transaction. In contrast to the market forwards, foreign exchange market futures is centralized and all transactions are carried out on it in special sales areas (trading floors). If the irreversible forward transaction – ie deal with a due date greater than the period of the spot market – is performed, as described above, on any day, trading in both countries, the standard amount of foreign currency fyuchersov can be implemented only on the third Wednesday of March, June, September, and December.

There are several advantages of currency fyuchersov creating their appeal. They are available to all market participants, including individuals. Futures trade in the United States excludes the presence of credit risk, since the role of the buyer in respect of any seller, and vice versa performs with the Chicago Clearing House (the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Clearinghouse). In turn, the chamber minimizes its own risk by requiring traders with losing positions to make up the equivalent of their losses.

Although the spot market and the market fyuchersov closely linked, among them there are some differences that create opportunities for arbitrage, ie of the purchase and sale of foreign currency on different exchanges with the difference in prices for a profit.

Windows (gaps), volume and open interest, which are useful tools for technical analysis, are particularly effective in the market futures, although they are widely used in the spot market. Because of these advantages, futures trade constantly attracts a large number of participants. Traders who do not work on the exchange, can recognize futures prices, using the computers from the Internet. The most popular posts in this respect Companies Bridge, Telerate, Reuters and Bloomberg. Telerate provides information about the prices of currency futures together with other materials, while Reuters and Bloomberg report them on special pages, showing the difference futures prices and spot prices.