Forum strategy forex untung

Forum strategy forex untung go go go go SApura. Only EPF has that remaining shares last week. Sold all fully invested in SAPFree up all Capital .

I donno any other counters with 300m shares or equivalent traded during the same time last week. The last time Khasera dumped 300m shares in Nov 2017, price fell during the opening hours from 1. 300m shares dumped but price only fell from 56 sen to 55sen. 300m shares dumped at 55sen super huge buy wall. SEEMAL hopefully you can hold till 0.

Kaya lor, lu olang hali ni. Pmaster I cannot make money today u ajar ajar gua ma! Tomolo 70sen cannot sell my 66sen oredy how le. Chiak puek moi bo Ben chiak lang chiak kfc md how le?

Where are the kaldai Kaq, proroy? But not too late, still can join the pool tomorrow at 70 and make money together. 5sen last wk when other ppl were scared stiff. Don’t buy margin don’t buy contras.