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But that’s forex trading strategy deutsche we want to change: created with the help of recent Deutsche Bank graduates, this is a no-nonsense guide to the world of banking. Inside, you’ll discover what banks do, where you could fit in, and how to get a foot in the door. We’ve deciphered jargon, debunked myths, and decrypted info to make the world of banking accessible, once and for all.

Impartial, informative and enlightening, it’s the ultimate introduction to banking. Put simply, banks provide services for people or organisations who want to borrow, lend and invest money. They are huge, complex organisations that play a part in the lives of people in every corner of the world, with clients ranging from individuals to businesses, and even the governments and central banks of entire countries. Banks work with vast amounts of money, every single day.

But it’s a common misconception that you need to be a financial prodigy to work at one: just as important are regulatory experts, who make sure that institutions comply with the law in every country where they do business. When people think of investment banking, they tend to imagine the trading floor. If, for example, a stock suddenly increases in value, or a publicly traded company makes a higher than expected earnings announcement, the sales force will inform investors and suggest the best course of action. They might help an institutional investor offset the risk of a high-value trade, or a public company buy back some of its shares through financing. You have important decisions to make each day and you have to take such responsibility very seriously. How will I get my head around all that jargon?

There’s certainly a lot to learn, but it’s there to make quick communication easy at critical times. It’s the kind of job that many people imagine they’d enjoy, but the reality doesn’t suit everyone. Have you got what it takes? Corporate Finance provides strategic advice and financial products that help clients build their businesses. Or to put it another way, they link institutions that need money to institutions that can provide it. On behalf of its client, the bank will issue debt or shares, and sell it on the global market to pension funds, mutual funds, hedge funds and private individuals.

The money this raises can then be used to fund the client’s growth. Roles in corporate finance can broadly be divided into two categories: client teams, who work with businesses directly to understand their needs, and product teams, who develop the solutions that meet them. In an acquisition, a larger company buys and absorbs a smaller one or runs it as a subsidiary. Depending on who they’re acting for, bankers will introduce buyers and sellers of companies to try and make a deal happen.