Forex trading for windows mobile

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If you’re an active investor or trader, you might want to have access to high quality information. And sometimes, what brokerages have to offer via their own apps is just not enough for the best traders out there. For this reason, we select eight of the most impressive apps that adapt to everybody’s need. It works like some sort of Twitter version for investors, letting you check what the market condition is at the moment.

By adding symbols, you will be able to switch between these ones for easier access to data. The latest version has been updated in April 2014, and it needs version 5. Some of the best features are the included watchlist that allows you to catch up on each one of the stocks you care about. Apart from this one, you also have a list of trending stocks and a collaboration section. The latter is there for you to connect with other investors and traders who could help you. Stock Guru comes from Value Prime and is one of the pricey but great apps out there. 1 and a few clicks on the official web page in the store.

Once you install it, you can use this interactive tool to evaluate risk and strength, check out reports that analyze the risk of stocks and pick the best ones using strategies that are proved to work. They have the most impressive suite of newspapers, online magazines, white papers, case studies, apps and many others that help investors from all over the world. Since Bloomberg TV and its radio attracted a lot of clients’ attention, you might also want to take a look at the Bloomberg application. Working both on tablets and smartphones, this one is great to use at home, during meetings or even on the road, to have easy access to professional information and advice.