Forex trading excel spreadsheet

You don’t need to manually import data with text files. You simply need to specify a ticker symbol, your start and end dates, and then click a button. All prices are in US dollars. Forex trading excel spreadsheet’re free to manipulate and analyze the data once it’s in Excel.

The VBA that retrieves the data from Yahoo was adapted from code found at mathfinance. It can be modified to download other data found on the web. UPDATE 5th January 2014: I’ve just evaluated a financial data add-in for Excel MarketXLS. It’s a rock-solid route to getting live stock data inside Excel. You just use one of 80 new functions together with your chosen ticker.

UPDATE July 6th 2017: The old Yahoo Finance API was discontinued, so the spreadsheet stopped working for a while. Great piece of code, very helpful. X exchange at the same time, similar to the stocks, why is this not working? Great code and thanks for making it available. I was wondering if there is a way to download an exchange rate historically through this code? X, in place of one of the stock codes, but it didn’t. Does it require another code to just get an exchange rate?

I used to love your API version of this spreadsheet, and I’m glad to see you’ve built a non-API version. You really know your excel kung-fu! Unfortunately this one doesn’t seem to work on mac though. Dear Samir, Your webpage is just amazing, and I was impressed.

SSREY works perfectly fine, and SSREY is the ADR-version of SREN. I was downloading some monthly stock data. I am only trying to be supportive in letting you know and to be helpful to you. Your website and sheets seem great. I just wanted to ask if there had been a change in Yahoo API perhaps, as I have downloaded a few of your sheets, but non of them seem to be able to pull data from Yahoo.

Perhaps there is a fault on my side, but would be great to know if it is still supposed to be working. This site takes time to develop. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Get financial data for multiple companies. Downloads historical stock quotes from Google Finance into Excel. Calculate historical volatility from Yahoo stock quotes.

Automatically retrieves financial information from web. Downloads stock quotes for 6855 tickers from Finviz. Includes over 65 items of financial data. Gets historic prices from a web-service.

Hi, I like your Excel Programs very much. Do you have any programs to bulk download Option Prices into Excel? If not, do you still write programs for a fee? Hi, your Bulk Dividend Downloader links to a Stochastic VBA page. It Seems that Excel 2011 for Mac has a subset of the Windows version. Excel 2016 for Mac doesn’t support Macros. I decided to run WIndows 7 as a Virtual machine using Parallels Desktop which which I purchased when I was switching from Windows to Mac.

I installed my copy of Office 2010 on it and discovered that some of these VBA packages work on Excel 2010 and other don’t. Do you have any ideas which of MS’s many version of Excel these VBA macros work on? Yahoo provides for mutual funds that I can import into Excel? I have found such a list for stocks, but for mutual funds I am interested in doing a bulk download of annual performance over the past decade. Yahoo provides the information under the PERFORMANCE tab for a mutual fund.