Forex trading brokers in philippines zink

I felt unsatisfied about knowledge of the forex market, I felt that life passes through forex trading brokers in philippines zink fingers and I sit in some hopeless work without any purpose or prospects for implementation in life. Friends who met me on a daily basis and knew about my plans for the future.

They was surprised that I want to leave everything and go out into the world. They told me to stay and ask why would you go there? They said here you have a great house and good money. Start everything from the beginning and focus on passion Only two great people supported me until now. This is Karol Wziatek and Maciej Kosinski. They are really great people and the best friends in the world. I miss them now but they understand me because they have a similar view of the world.

I wanted to live in paradise. In a place where I can implement my plans. I am thinking of peace, beautiful landscapes, great weather, wonderful people around and a chance to meet a wonderful woman. You can believe me or not but Philippine girls are the most wonderful women in the world and speak here with full responsibility. Those who live on the Philippines or in a relationship with Filipinos, he knows well what I am talking about. The second very important argument regarding my moving to Philippines is taxes.

Here in Philippines and in Thailand you don’t need to pay taxes for trading on forex. I know it may be weird because the system is so constructed in the world that it’s weird but it’s right. Sending funds from a Filipino account to the Forex Broker. Opening an account on the Philippines is not a challenge but it is to be dealt with. However, you have to wait 3 months because after 3 months you will receive an ACR card and a temporary resident in Filipino. As you have it then you are going to the bank. I write about it because it is necessary if you don’t want to pay taxes.

The broker always pay the funds to the account from which the money came and if you do it from your account in Europe or elsewhere in the world, money is returned to the account from which it came and then your tax office will get you. With tears in your eyes, but you will have to pay. That’s why you need to open an account on the Philippines, transfer funds to your account on the Philippines and then transfer money to the broker’s account. Internet on the Philippines: The only problem with trading in paradise is the internet. It seems to slow down even more but it is enough for trading. Problems with electricity I do not know why this is happening, but it happens quite often that with us on the island, even 2-3 times a day, they turn off electricity.