Forex traders and taxes

I am forex trading uk taxes familiar with several trading systems and MT4 but have now discovered that it forex traders and taxes not possible to Spread Bet with MT4 only forex trade. Use a signal service and not bother with any analysis just put on the trades as dictated by the signal provider on a spread betting account. Not sure what you mean by Quantitative Trading?

Capital Gains tax and not income tax. 9600 per person in this tax year I thought it might be worthwhile sticking with Alpari using MT4 until such time as I make so much money that I then have to move over to spread betting. You will find that a live account with Capital Spreads runs MUCH better than the demo account. With the currency pair which I trade, the spread bettors are about 2 pts. When you take into account the dealing costs with a DA broker, I would rather use a spread betting company.