Forex trade tax uk 2016

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Play the Fantasy Share Trading Game. Please login or register to post a message on Share Chat. Share price keep going down don’t know why? Early April — lots of large buys and sells — which has lowered price — agree someone with large investment playing with price — emm anyone hazard a guess who?

D and when will price go back to where it should be — ? The sp should be going up on the results, bod buys ect but it does not always work that way. My suspicion is we have a seller keeping the price down. Currently, the sp is sitting on a lot of support. If this breaks, we could be looking at the sp drifting to 6p.

Im not convinced this will happen though and i have topped up now. 7p with no news, i certainly will be added more. Also held for years and have been on plenty of CPP roller coasters rides in that time! Not sure if that works to the PI’s benefit but ultimately am hoping so. After the very positive RNS I was convinced this would move nicely, nothing, hardly any trades and no movement. Could this be a very long term share or would others have expected a little more movement than what we’ve seen?

Tim Elliot has purchased 175,000 shares at 13. Good news if these guys keep putting their own money in. Surely this should have moved on these results? RE: Nice increases with the uk due . Further detail is provided in note 5 to the condensed financial statements. Group’s cash and cash equivalents less cash held for regulatory purposes.