Forex macd strategy 4 hour blog

Apparently there is some kind of flaw in the Facebook social media platform that can be exposed and allegedly forex macd strategy 4 hour blog is very profitable. This is not your ordinary trading scam that we usually look at, but it is definitely a scam none the less. Yes, we usually do binary options, Forex, Bitcoin, and other such trading reviews, usually always about scams, but every now and then we come across other interesting scams that also deserve our attention. How Does Facebook on Fire Work?

This is a really interesting story, or at least a very confusing, convoluted, and nonsensical one. We always want to how any program works to generate money for us. These are the basics, but we are honestly not sure if those even apply with this Facebook on Fire program. This is because we are never really told anything about it all. 1,000 on a daily basis, every single day of the month, simply by spending 1 hour clicking stuff on Facebook. It is painfully unclear to us exactly how the heck this program is supposed to generate an income.

We honestly cannot see it being a trading program of any kind as there is never any mention of executing trades. This of course begs the question of how exactly this shady Facebook on Fire app is supposed to make money for us. This is something that we absolutely want to be informed of. Another bone of contention that we have with this ludicrous garbage heap of a scam is that Joseph Magnum is not at all who he says he is. Besides his association with this scam system, there is not a single mention of him anywhere on the internet.

Not even Facebook has his profile! In all reality, this man does not really exist. The crooks at the helm of the Facebook on Fire app want to stay anonymous. They know that what they are doing is totally illegal and they just don’t want to spend time in prison for their fraudulent system. Using a paid actor to cover their butts seems to be the preferred solution for scammers everywhere.

Yet another clear indication that this trash heap of a system is nothing more than a scam has to do with the fabricated testimonials made up by these criminals. The website and the presentation video for this system are both chalked full of so called user testimonials from satisfied users. However, these testimonials are anything but real and genuine. They are obviously fake, something that we know because we are familiar with some of the paid actors and stock images used in various Facebook on Fire user testimonials. There are a few other things that are definitely worth mentioning about this monumental thievery of a program, so let’s do that right now. This is an anonymous system as we mentioned before.