Forex ltd review

There is no information on the GTI-Net website indicating who owns or runs the business. A PO Box address in Dubai is also forex ltd review. Why the GTI-Net domain registration lists a PO Box in Dubai is unclear.

In November 2014 Depresseux signed up as an affiliate with MPT Max. 60 EUR and get paid when they recruited others who did the same. A GTI-Net business presentation also lists Sven Lefeber as a founder. Lefeber also appears to be operating out of Belgium. Read on for a full review of the GTI-Net MLM business opportunity.

The GTI-Net Product Line GTI-Net has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market GTI-Net affiliate membership itself. These initial four positions make up the first level of the matrix, with the second level generated by splitting each of the first four positions into another four positions each. 30 brokerage commission per trade per account PriorFX. Every month at least 200 trades are added. GTI-Net fail to go into any specific details. For your money you will achieve a yield which you most probably will never achieve by yourself.

Undoubtedly GTI-Net are making an investment offering through their opportunity, even if it’s through a third-party. Wherever you are in the world, if the broker PriorFX is available in your country of residence, you can join the GTI-Net team. Cyprus isn’t really known for regulation being their strong-point, so take PriorFX’s purported registration there with a grain of salt. In any event GTI-Net themselves don’t appear to have registered themselves, with the commissions offered through the business opportunity thus constituting an unregistered securities offering. 500 EUR to participate in the opportunity, with commissions paid when they recruit others who do the same. Anything that happens external to that is irrelevant, as that’s GTI-Net’s only MLM component.

Depresseux has cloned MPT Max’s business opportunity. 60 a month though, now the ruse is consistent forex returns. Yet here we have the company promising affiliates guaranteed monthly matrix commissions. That disconnect leaves a huge question mark over exactly what money GTI-Net are paying affiliates with. Your money will never pass through our bank accounts.

It is transferred directly into the broker’s account. It is impossible for us to touch your money. Our traders will never be in touch with you. At worse you’re looking at a house of cards, operating in a virtually unregulated environment, with a few bad trades all that’s needed to trigger a collapse. Either way, GTI-Net themselves don’t appear to be registered or regulated in any market. As far as MLM opportunities go, that’s a red flag that shouldn’t be taken lightly. This suggests they are merely empty shell companies to inflate Jhony’s resume.

Hello, I’m Jhony Depresseux Co Founder of GTI-Net company. I perceive me on this blog anything that does not correspond to reality there is written. Only lies or bad interpretation of reality are written. If the blogger had wanted to do his job properly, he would have at least contacted me and have asked me intelligent questions if he had been able. There is no more transparant GTI-Net in the MLM market.

500 initial deposit of its members. 500 are deposited on a trading account with PriorFX. The money in this account is only available by the member himself. On each trade made by our systems, commission is taken. This commission is visible to the member GTI-Net trade by trade. The member knows so every penny the amount of commission that his account generates.

The member may at any time recover his money including initial deposit. I recall, only he has access to his money. Finally, every penny of commission that we distribute is fully demonstrated and experienced members of GTI-Net. Therefore how can you claim that GTI-Net is a Ponzi? Just because you have not done your research properly.

Or because you have interests in spreading this lie. Then you attack our Broker and even more seriously CySEC and Cyprus. I’m sure the authorities such as ESMA, CySEC and the state of Cyprus will be very happy to see what you tell them. Cyprus is the world capital for Forex Broker. CySEC is controlled by the ESMA.

The ESMA is the European organization of control and verifies that the regulator properly performed their work. Do you think that Cyprus is off the radar? I can understand that you are looking for Ponzi and you denounce them. But in this case do your job properly. I do not seek war with you. But it would be nice that things be said knowingly. That is why I agree to meet you and show you our company in every detail.