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Play the Fantasy Share Trading Game. Please login or register to post a message on Share Chat. In a very strong place to deliver on future growth. Venn has started to benefit from business integration initiatives and infrastructure investments made in 2017.

Greater operational efficiency has driven margin expansion and EBITDA growth. With a full service capability spanning early and late phase clinical projects, we think there is scope to develop new business lines and further increase margins. A opportunities has the potential to accelerate growth. VENN’s management continue to simplify and transform the company as they have been doing. During 2017 our focus has been on the delivered improved underlying EBITDA in the business through improved operational efficiencies.

Additional investment in systems means that we now have both the expertise and infrastructure to profitably execute new business in scale and our focus is now on the generation of new business opportunities. Associate threshold now reduced to 22. I think if they had announced that they were completely divested of that company this share would really start to shift. 2 or 3 years but cannot seem to convert that into a profit. I am interested to see where this finishes today.

8:20 and no trades so far! Is starting to climb before results and trading statement later this week. Thus could well be back to double digits by Thursday. If VENN havw managed to sell off SKIN then the V SP will really take off.