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Check my other blog entry if you don’t know how to create the bar. Now make another part just by forex blogspot malaysia the existing part. The new part is exactly at the same position with the previous part. The weld function is different than the assembly feature because you’ll have to position the part correctly in order to successfully make the weld join.

The first step is to assemble them using constraints. We’ll use coincidence constraint to connect edges of the part before making the weld joint. 2 as shown in the figure below. After pressing the update button, the parts should connect together as shown. At this point, you still can’t make a weld joint because some surfaces required as joint parameters are hidden after being constrained. A little trick is required here.

Then use the manipulation tool with the “with respect to constraints” is checked to move part 2 in the x direction just like as shown in the figure. A box will appear for you to adjust the welding parameters. OK button to make your weld joint. I weld 2 tubes at 90 degrees on to each other?

2 tube in a particular angle? It was really useful for me. Assembly Design In this page, I want to demonstrate how to assemble some automotive parts together. I received a lot of request from friends to teach them about surface modeling in CATIA V5. Part Design In this tutorial I’m going to show how to make bolt and nut that will involve threading. Weld Design This tutorial is about making weld joint in CATIA Weld Design Workbench . Ridhuan Othman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.

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