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Play the Fantasy Share Trading Game. Please login or register to post a message on Share Chat. AGM —FYIToday 10:15I have received a very prompt response from PF. He is going to speak with their “advisors”,. Tom Cooper, to see what can be done. By all means mention that if you contact Tom direct.

Rest assured we are not being idle on the situation and we are in regular dialogue with the client, UK Gov, the EU, various banks, the supply chain and professional advisors. It is important to stress that the equipment and services we are to provide under the contract do not fall under sanctions even under renewed US sanctions. We do however need to be sure banking and our supply chain are firm before we commit to start the project. He is content that the BoD and Shareholders have aligned interests and their share options can be considered as evidence of that I struggle to agree but Coops is a man through and through Bumbly Towers, so how can I argue.