Fixed term interest rates westpac forex

0 monthly fees on your bank account? Your application will typically take you no more than 10-15 minutes to complete. Invest your money with the peace of mind of a fixed rate with fixed term interest rates westpac forex Westpac term deposit.

Open one in 5 – 10 minutes. By signing up, you agree to the Finder privacy policy. The term of your deposit can vary from 1 month to 5 years. There are no set-up or monthly fees, so you can put more towards your investment. Interest is payable at maturity, monthly or annually depending on the term you choose. The rate displayed is interest rates paid at maturity only.

Offer available to personal customers and for new term deposits only, with interest paid at maturity. What are the features of the Westpac Term Deposit? Westpac term deposits come with a number of features and understanding these can help you decide if this is a suitable product. Westpac also offers special rates for certain terms. Interest can go directly into your Westpac or external bank account, or you can get it in the form of a cheque. You can compare other Westpac bank accounts here.