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5 To Mom, who ed ponsi forex patterns and probabilities pdf reader me that anything is possible. To Dad, who taught me the value of hard work.

7 Contents Preface Acknowledgments About the Author PART I The World’s Most Dynamic Trading Market Getting Started in Forex xv xvii xix 1 3 4 4 5 5 6 9 10 CHAPTER 1 From Stocks to Forex Getting to Wall Street Welcome to the Jungle Football and Forex Stock Market Headaches Welcome to Forex A New Beginning CHAPTER 2 All About Forex 11 11 12 13 23 The Canadian Dollar and the U. Dollar The Euro and the U. 8 viii How Do Traders Make Money in the Forex Market? Why Do Currencies Trade in Pairs? How Can I Trade Two Currencies at One Time? How Is the Trading Day Structured? 9 Contents ix 59 60 61 Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Take Me to the River How to Determine If the Market is Trending CHAPTER 7 The Anatomy of a Trend 63 63 66 Why Trends Form Don’t Fight the Trend CHAPTER 8 Forex Multiple Time Frame Strategy 69 70 71 73 75 76 76 77 79 79 81 82 83 83 84 85 87 89 89 91 Why Does It Work?

12 xii CHAPTER 16 The Boomerang Fading False Breakouts The Strategy Setting the Parameters Entering the Trade Simple but Effective CONTENTS 201 201 202 202 203 205 PART IV Take Control of Your Trading Destiny 207 209 210 210 212 213 214 CHAPTER 17 How to Achieve Spectacular Gains Keep Your Eyes on the Road Proper Goal Setting Breaking Down Your Goals Consistency Is the Key What Happens When I Reach My Goal? 13 Contents xiii 227 228 228 229 230 230 CHAPTER 20 What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You Sarcasm Alert! 15 Preface M ost books on trading deal with general concepts and shy away from specifics. There are plenty of books about the origins and history of currency trading, but very little in the way of useful, practical trading information.

Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided. Ponsi gave an excellent seminar, it was the best that I have attended. Very clear, calculated strategies that offered exact points of entry and exit, and he was very personable and answered every question. I was very pleased, he helped clear up some misconceptions and helped me correct my trading mistakes. I’ve learnt Forex trading by reading Ed’s book “Forex Patterns and Probabilities”.

10 months since and I’m still above water but I could have done much better had I have the discipline to stick to his strategies. I have tried so many strategies but I found Ed’s to be the best on the long run. Ponsi’s books and his DVD training workshop. But after seeing the whole thing, I think it is fair when compared to what other experts are charging. I felt his information and opinion on Forex trading, use of indicators, entries, exits, etc. He agreed with and supported things I have watched and read other top experts teach. The first DVD is Forex 101 basics.

2 is where the meat of trading and techniques are brought out and what proves to you that your money was well spent. Then there are some special sections that attempt to round you out further. A With Ed Ponsi: Ed Answers 20 Frequently Asked Questions! Ed is not about hyping you up and promising lean, mean dollars busting out of your pockets. He is all about reality and he tells it to you well. I suggest buying and reading his book Forex Patterns and Probabilities first.

It is basically the same exact thing, it is just not visual. If it impresses or excites you, then go ahead and buy the DVD workshop. I have read and reread his book 6 or 7 times and each time I pull something from it that I missed before. Now, I do this with all good books on trading because you cannot possibly grasp everything the first time. Many of you might be bored or impatient with his 1st DVD and want to rush to the 2nd one and dive in.