Dnsmasq namecoin to bitcoin

Of course, Emercoin supports distributed dnsmasq namecoin to bitcoin DNS service too. Emercoin allocates 20kB for value, enough to fit public keys for most modern cryptographic applications. Each owner is specified by the Emercoin payment address stored together with the pair.

Only the owner of the payment address is able to modify or delete the pair, or transfer ownership to another address. When a new pair is created, a new payment address for the pair is created in the local wallet. 2 for Linux – packed as tar. You can find other possible service abbreviations for your applications among recommended DNS record types.

Managing names can be performed by the Emercoin wallet GUI, console commands in debug window, or by JSON API interface. There is no refund for unused lease time. This operator lists all matching pairs belonging to the current wallet and those that were transferred in the past. This operator lists all pairs existing in the blockchain. Send payment to the address associated with the specified . Not implemented yet, returns an empty list.

To create a name alias for payment address, just create a pair with a specified unique name and any value. A new associated payment address will be created in your wallet automatically. We recommend writing a text description as the value. All payments to that name will be sent to the appropriate payment address, to which the name is registered.

Because of the nature of distributed blockchains these records are completely decentralized and uncensored and cannot be altered, revoked or suspended by any authority. Only the record’s owner can modify it or transfer it to another owner. The record’s owner is specified by the payment address. Technically, Emercoin DNS can support virtually any DNS-zone.