Defcon bitcoin briefcase

Listen in to our latest podcast! There are many pros and cons when we look at Bitcoin as defcon bitcoin briefcase concept and how it is being implemented. Whether you are a believer or not, it is certainly here to stay at least for the foreseeable future. People in the developed world, more than anywhere else, are starting to adopt the platform in larger and larger numbers.

A bunch of interesting folks over at the Def Con hacking conference in Las Vegas is trying to offer morepeople the opportunity to own Bitcoins with a machine that gobbles up your mint coins and spits out digital ones. People could simply walk up and put their loose change into the coin slot and in return they received a QR code printed on till receipt paper that they could use to redeem their bitcoins. The hacker, known as Garbage, spoke to The Verge and said that the whole idea behind this briefcase is to increase awareness about Bitcoin. 250 to build and was driven by a Raspberry Pi computer.

Bitcoin has seen a couple of setbacks from time to time, but its reach and influence is steadily growing. More websites, services and physical shops are accepting Bitcoins as payment. Let us know if you have any questions about Bitcoin. Episode 100 Special: Where is tech heading in 2018? BANDWIDTH BLOG Founded in 2006, Bandwidth Blog covers breaking technology news. We’re your home for incisive opinions, industry insight, gadget reviews and awesome giveaways! Fury – Fastest USB ASIC Bitcoin Miner in the world!

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