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Limited time coupon offers for our appreciation. The three kinds of price charts — Line, Bar and Candlestick — and how to read them. By trading price action only, you will also join the group that make money consistently. There is also some decision making involved with these forex strategies. Headline economic data moves the forex markets and currency traders can take advantage of that. If the released figure varies considerably from the expected figure, the price will move a considerable distance. Well, You can swing trade the daily charts if you live a busy lifestyle, of if time allows, move down to 1 hour and 4 hour forex charts for quicker trade setups.

This ebook is filled with solid forex strategies, similar to those used by banks and financial institutions. Become a confident forex trader using this forex system. Time to talk about brokers, how to place a trade programmatically and most importantly how not to get scammed. This is the third part of the series: How to build your own algotrading platform. In our case, we don’t really care about spread as we won’t be doing High Frequency Trading any time soon. Even though brokers are regulated, there have been incidents in the past couple of years, were brokers folded due to certain conditions. What could happen is that you start making some money and you aren’t be able to pull them out.

But let’s switch to a happier note which is opening an account and placing our first programmatic trade. API, libraries on github and a free demo account. After you sign in to your demo account, go to Manage API Access. There you can find your API key which we are going to use in our system to place trades. MAKE SURE YOU DON’T SHARE THIS KEY.

The code for this is and all other posts is on github and you can install it and run it pretty easily. Connecting to Oanda needs a conf file – which you can generate using a script that Oanda provides here or you can just create it yourself. I prefer to know everything that is going on. And I don’t like having to install PyYAML just to read a conf file. Feel free to use either method.