Dawid kowalski forex

It’s still not possible to easily view or download the full trading history, which unfortunately makes it difficult for us to properly evaluate these traders offline. We must note though that most included are still more medium than short term but their dawid kowalski forex trade history and overall performance warrants their inclusion in this best traders list. In addition, most of them have been mentioned in this section for years now, which demonstrates their consistency.

Over the whole period the results don’t look very consistent. The first 2 years profits were significantly higher than over the past 2 years. Without the full historical trade and account data it’s hard to see why the returns are lower now. It could be that they were using a much more risky strategy at the beginning. Nevertheless the results have been positive for 4 years running. With a maximum monthly loss of -6. They’re also very active on their social feed and respond to questions from followers.

While the performance in 2014 was just negative -1. These results have been achieved against a medium risk score of 5. Maximum drawdown over the past year was -21. These have seen very strong growth over the past year and jaynemenis has been riding the wave early on.

3 cryptocurrencies, the rest is invested in stocks and gold. What this means is that jaynemenis regularly books profits or losses. You can see this from the trade history as well. Jaynemenis specialises in tech industry stocks and cryptos. Results so far have been very good. 5 this is certainly a risky trader though so far those types of returns may warrant the risk.

The returns in 2017 have been a little bit lower so far: 17. However, the average risk score has gone down to 4 and maximum drawdown over the past 12 months was only -15. Average trade duration is currently 5. 5 days, though this used to be 2 days. Every other time we mentioned them here they had no open trades. Berrau specialises in currencies and with an average of over 3 trades per week they don’t seem to over trade.