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In principal, every user can forex megadroid settings his own EAs which will trade based on the programmed trading strategy, congo forex verheyen garage automatically depending on the set up. On the other side, commercial Expert Advisors are closed systems, the source code cannot be accessed by the trader.

For these cases the buyer needs to rely on the seller’s information regarding the programmed trading system as long as any information is disclosed at all. EA and to try it on a demo account for a longer period of time, even if the results cannot be transferred to a live account offhand. Risk-Reward-Ratio The Risk-Reward-ratio indicates the risk appetite of an Expert Advisor. Risk-Reward-Ratio of 15:1 and more, which indicates a strategy prepared to take risks. A high Risk-Reward-Ratio does not necessarily mean that the respective EA won’t result in good profits. Many current Expert Advisors are also equipped with active risk management which allows a permanent monitoring of the open position and a closing of the position even before reaching the stop loss limit if needed, thus considerably reducing the actual Risk-Reward-Ratio in parts.