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Every year, ADG Europe and TNT Britain present a brilliant performance of an English play in Spain. We always look forward to their creative productions, so we have been casos reales dilemmas eticos profesionales de forex their shows for quite a few years now.

The journey took us longer than we had expected, so we had to rush out of the coach into the Romantic Gardens of the Crystal Palace. But shortly before the rope strangled him, the villain attempted to justify his criminal deeds. Even though Fagin admitted to being the leader of a gang of petty robbers, he accused the respectable but hypocritical Mr Brownlow of being the real criminal who led his poor grandson, Oliver, to a life of crime in order to survive in the cruel Victorian society. The troupe of actors didn’t disappoint us. They gripped the young audience’s attention and gave them food for thought by placing them in the moral dilemma of whether Fagin deserved to be hanged or he was, like the children thieves, a victim of society.

Oliver is brutally ill treated by a policeman. The troupers acted exceptionally and sang to the music following the tradition of the Victorian popular theatre. After their stunning performance we left the theatre thinking that this engaging socio-critical 90-minute play with its black English humor was unmissable and well worth watching it. The bus driver dropped us in front of the Stock Exchange Palace at the Infante D Henrique Square. We hardly had time to see the Statue of Prince Henry the Navigator, who initiated the Portuguese Age of Discovery. We went past the Church of San Francis, the most prominent Gothic monument in Porto. Oporto’s mild sunny weather allowed us to enjoy Portuguese cod delicacies listening to the music of the street buskers in the Ribeira area next to the Douro River.