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Outside of mining them, the quickest way cashintocoins bitcoin to simply use dollars to buy them. Localbitcoins allows people to meetup in their city locally and trade bitcoins for cash in person.

There’s currently no way to withdraw bitcoins into cash with their service, so you’ll have to look at different exchangers once you get your bitcoins. Work for Bitcoin Instead of paying for bitcoin, you might consider doing some work for bitcoin instead. Top Bitcoin Exchanges If you want to take it a step further and exchange your bitcoins for altcoins like Darkcoin, Blackcoin and the like, you’ll need to use a crypto currency exchange. I’m generally not a fan of his operation and its frequent hiccups. Poloniex is known for quickly adding altcoins that gain momentum.

Bittrex is the launching point for most altcoins and their platform is arguably the best in terms of backend sophistication and stability. Most traders are very pleased with their service. This exchange is noted for having fast transaction times. Strategies for Trading Between Alt Coins and Bitcoin You can try investing a portion of your BTC in 4-5 altcoins that you think are solid and will stand the test of time.