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How to Buy Absinthe from Absinthe Original What is Absinthe? Absinthe buy sale bitcoin a deep green drink with a very bitter taste. What is the history of Absinthe? Absinthe in some form or another has been used for centuries.

Ancient texts mention an early sort of Absinthe, wine soaked wormwood as a vermipurge. In the middle ages, it took on many uses, including superstitious claims that Absinthe warded off the plague. Modern Absinthe’s commercial origins date back to 1797, when Major Henri Dubied began marketing a bottled Absinthe in France which eventually came to be known as today’s familiar Pernod recipe. What is the active ingredient in Absinthe? One of the constituents of wormwood, thujone is considered the culprit of Absinthe’s “added effect”.

Naturally occurring in many plants and flowers, thujone is found in large amounts in wormwood. This similarity has lead some to believe that the two substances work similarly upon the brain. What about those websites promoting “homemade Absinthe kits? Absinthe kits are gaining popularity, being sold on websites and on ebay. Many of these revolve around the use of essential oil of wormwood or harsh solvents. Besides being a rather unpleasant, pale impersonation of real Absinthe, drinking essential oils is not a great way to get “high” but an excellent excuse to visit the emergency room. There are two popular methods for serving Absinthe, both require the use of an Absinthe spoon.

This is a large spoon with open slots in it, allowing liquid to pass through. Slowly pour ice cold water over sugar cube, when the water hits Absinthe, it releases essential oils that turn the drink a cloudy. Take a tea spoon full of sugar, or sugar cube and briefly dip it in your glass of absinthe. Light Absinthe laced sugar on fire and hold over glass, the burning alcohol will melt the sugar into the glass. When the fire gets low, stir the remaining sugar into the Absinthe and drink. It really depends where you are. Currently, absinthe containing thujone for human consumption is still illegal in some countries.

In the United States, Absinthe is not a controlled substance but its sale in bars and liquor stores is banned. Absinthe is however legal to purchase and possess in the United States. In most of the European Union, absinthe may be sold as long as it stays at 35 mg of thujone. In Canada, Absinthe is completely legal, and on sale in some liquor stores. The thujone content of all commercial Absinthes is low enough to cause no harm to the human body.

Homemade Absinthe however can be potentially dangerous. Be aware of the fact that although the thujone content of Absinthe may not be harmful, its high alcoholic content can be. As always, practice moderation when enjoying Absinthe and NEVER DRINK ABSINTHE and drive. When Do you charge my card – when I order, or when you ship? When you buy absinthe, your card is verified to be working and to have enough credit available for your purchase, but is not charged. An authorization is requested from the card and the amount of your order of Absinthe is held for us to remove when we ship your Absinthe out.

Is your site secure for credit cards? Absinthe Original is SECURE liquor store because we go to great efforts to ensure that our site, and your information is secure. In addition to using 256 bit encryption to communicate with the bank, all your contact information is stored in an encrypted database that no unauthorized person can read. For security reasons, we have no access to the credit card information. It doesn’t accept my credit card, how can I order? There are a variety of reasons why your credit card would not be accepted including a billing information mismatch, insufficient funds or a hold placed on your card. We would suggest that you verify that sufficient funds are in your card for your order and that the billing information is exactly as per your invoice.

If you still have difficulty, call or e-mail us and we will be happy to put your order through. I don’t have a credit card, how do I buy Absinthe? Some of our customers choose to buy absinthe using money order or bank draft. These can easily be obtained from your local bank or post office. Once we receive your money order or bank draft, processing of your Absinthe order is begun and your order would ship out soon afterwards. I sent a money order, how will I know you received it? When sending a money order or bank draft to us, we always suggest you either send it priority courier or by registered mail.

In this way you are able to know that we received it and are able to track it if lost. Once we receive your money order or bank draft, processing of your order is begun and your order would ship out soon afterwards. A further notification message is sent as soon as your order is shipped. If I pay by money order, how will I know how much to pay for shipping? Shipping rates are based on weight and location. To see estimated shipping charges, simply place required products in your shopping cart and in the cart section click the link “Calculate Shipping Cost”.