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What Is The Elite Banana Task Force? How Do I Prepare A Boombox? How Do I Build My Own Boombox? Bitcoin donations accepted Can I Create My Own DDP?

What Happened With The Pepsi Contest? Camp Dogecoin At Burning Man 2014! Camp DDP at Burning Man 2015! HELP TOM AND GARY SAVE THE WORLD. DDP Returns to Vancouver for Dogecon! Decentralized Dance Party in many moons!

Click HERE for the event page, Doge. Click the Doge below for details, Doge. What Is Tom and Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party? Welcome to the official DDP website. The Puerto Rico DDP Was a Success! Thanks to everyone who participated, and especially Damien Nichols and Jacques Martiquet of Party4Health who led the charge! Decentralized Dance Party meets Puerto Rico!

The Facebook event page for Saturday night’s DDP in San Juan, Puerto Rico is LIVE! We will be fundraising during the Party in Ethereum and Bitcoin cryptocurrencies. Click HERE to learn how crypto QR addresses work. On Saturday night, we will lead a roaming Party adventure through the streets of San Juan to unite thousands of revelers in Ecstatic Public Celebration. Decentralization community with local Puerto Ricans. We’re hoping these will serve as catalysts for community and conversation and exemplify what a Decentralized future might not only look, but FEEL like! On the dance floor, it’s easy to approach each other with Pure Hearts and Positive Intentions.

Together, we can enact a cooperative canvas for unity, understanding and the vibrant new civilization that will hopefully soon rise from the wreckage of Hurricane Maria. We seek to create spaces free of politics, division and struggle. Sacred moments in space and time to be One people on One planet. From there, we can do anything! Puerto Rico with his trusty SOUNDBOKS to ensure the Party would still transpire! We’re making the most of this opportunity to further Decentralize the DDP and although it’s going to be slightly scaled down, have every expectation that It will Still Be Amazing. Full details of Gary’s border debacle and Jacque’s qualifications can be found HERE.

You carry a boombox and the DJ has an FM radio transmitter. All the boomboxes are tuned into the DJ’s master FM broadcast, resulting in a mobile, synchronized sound system! This Open-Source Party roams the night, generating complete awesomeness, street by street and block by block, onto buses and subways, into public fountains and beyond. Together, we create an infectious epidemic of fun. A roaming Party adventure that lasts all night long! Much like Open-Source software, a DDP is a peer-produced, collaborative undertaking.

Everyone pools their talents and energies to create and refine an ever-evolving manifestation of their hearts’ desires. This Party is all about creating and sharing as many unique and fun elements as possible- costumes, props, projectors, lights, sounds, smells, dance routines, etc. The theme is Open and the only requirement is to get as crazy and elaborate as possible! DDPs are hosted exclusively in public spaces and we take great pride in creating the most inclusive Parties possible. People show up to DDPs with their kids and parents all the time.