Binary option pricing excel

Extensive library of operators and statistical, mathematical, date and string functions. Binary option pricing excel language for expression handling and transforming existing data using operators and functions. Samples and sample objects facilitate processing on subsets of data.

Support for complex data structures including regular dated data, irregular dated data, cross-section data with observation identifiers, dated, and undated panel data. EViews native, disk-based databases provide powerful query features and integration with EViews workfiles. OLEDB support for reading EViews workfiles and databases using OLEDB-aware clients or custom programs. Add-in allows you to link or import data from EViews workfiles and databases from within Excel.

EViews for automatic conversion and linking of foreign data and metadata into EViews workfile format. Powerful tools for creating new workfile pages from values and dates in existing series. Easy-to-use automatic frequency conversion when copying or linking data between pages of different frequency. Frequency conversion and match merging support dynamic updating whenever underlying data change. Auto-updating formula series that are automatically recalculated whenever underlying data change. Easy-to-use frequency conversion: simply copy or link data between pages of different frequency. Tools for resampling and random number generation for simulation.