Binary option advisory service

Add a new column real_path in ODBC database file transfer log to record the real Windows path for transfered files. Existing users, who want to use this column, need binary option advisory service click “upgrade” button in ODBC file transfer settings to add this column to database table. Add two options “Force login using SSL” and “Force to use encrypted data connection” in FTP user settings.

Save current Xlight FTP Main Windows postion when exitting. Fixed a bug that Admin Console sometimes cannot be showed when Xlight FTP running as system service. Fixed a bug in SFTP for user disk space quotas. Fixed a bug in SFTP that user cannot remove folder after setting file allowed access. Fixed a bug in selecting group size for SSH Diffie-Hellman Group Exchange. Fixed a GUI bug in UNC path impersonation. On screen log will automatically scroll to the end.

Add GUI to allow the users to select SSH ciphers wanted. Fixed a bug in FTP MLST format. Fixed a bug that the OK button of configuration dialog box cannot be seen in low resolution screen. Fixed a bug in maximum user upload file size.

Add “other DN to search users” option for Active Directory Authentication. Make a few small changes to Active Directory user login debug messages. Fixed a bug that group name can not be the same with a user name. Fixed a bug that entering SFTP license key needs to restart system service to activate. Add SHA-256 support for SSH transport of SFTP. Make a change so that when mapping a user’s AD groups to local FTP groups in Active Directory Authentication, the user’s Primary Group in the AD will be checked first.