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Wijzig uw voorkeuren bij uw volginstellingen. Klik hier om dit forumtopic te volgen en automatisch op de hoogte gehouden te worden bij nieuwe berichten. Weet u zeker dat deze reactie niet OK is? Of the 100 billion created, 20 billion XRP were retained by the creators, who were also the founders of Ripple Labs. Ripple Labs, with the XRP intended to fund operations. As of November 30, 2012, 7.

The reaction to XRP is polarized in the crypto-currency community. Proponents of bitcoin have criticized XRP for being “pre-mined,” as XRP is built directly into the Ripple protocol and requires no mining. When it rains, it pours, especially when it is raining bad news. If Ripple investors didn’t believe that before, they certainly do now. Now, a board member has resigned, leaving investors anxious about the company’s future.

Powell, who is also CEO of the popular Bitcoin exchange Kraken, had some candid remarks about the company. Today I have submitted my resignation from the Board of Ripple Labs. While I care about the people who work there and I wish the company the best, I cannot personally continue to support the business. I believe that the technology and the protocol hold great promise, and have since the beginning, which is why I was the company’s first investor. Since Jed’s departure, the management of the company has taken a different direction. Powell also stated his displeasure at the founder of Ripple’s decision to allocate so much of the total stock of XRP to themselves. Like many Ripple believers, Powell had assumed that they would eventually return the XRP once the market had stabilized.

XRP, which I had hoped until recently would be returned. Prior to Jed’s departure from Ripple, I had asked the founders to return their XRP to the company. Jed agreed but Chris declined—leaving a stalemate. This afternoon, I revisited the allocation discussion with the pair and again, where Jed was open, Chris was hostile. Despite his strong feelings toward the way that Ripple’s management is conducting business, Powell wants to make clear that he does not harbor ill will toward the company. As an investor, of course, I hope that Ripple Labs will overcome its hurdles and prove my lack of confidence misplaced.

Unfortunately, unlike the founders, I don’t have swathes of XRP to dump if I don’t think it’s working out. This bad news has not boded well for Ripple’s market stability. Since May 21, Ripple’s market cap has been on a vicious downswing. 003, halving its value in less than 48 hours.