Analytics forex 6e

It can offer premium stock sentiment analysis data, predictive analysis data, and other analytics forex 6e data. In addition, you can download historical data on demand. A Financial Search Engine Find what others miss.

We scan millions of sources in real-time: websites, blogs, social media, your private data and premium data such as Bloomberg, Reuters or Dow Jones. Discover Investment Opportunities You do not have time to read everything. Discover how our sentiment analysis powered by Data Science can help you find new trading and investment opportunities. Smart Alerting and Filtering Be alerted in real time when the sentiment or the volume of news for the topics, stocks or other assets you care about is abnormal.

Leverage our advanced tagging and relevance filtering to get the search snippets and documents delivered to your inbox. Directly connect our alerts to your risk system or your OMS. Feed Your Own Data Sources You have your own data subscriptions? You already have access to internal research, analyst reports? Want to analyze voice or TV?