1 minute daily forex review

It did pretty well in the beginning but then I started losing. It’s a forex trading 1 minute daily forex review based on breakouts when the London session opens.

It’s easy to learn and setup. The creators of the system also created an Expert Adviser or EA¬† that you can load on the Metatrader 4 platform and the strategy will be traded automatically. I would advise you to first test the EA on a demo account for a month or two before going live. If you’re not familiar with forex trading then I suggest you first do a course or two on the subject.

There are excellent free resources on the web like babypips. They offer a very cool trading course on forex which takes you from beginner to actually knowing something about forex trading. I highly recommend them and it’s free! I trade the 1 minute daily strategy live and I use the EA. Sometimes I win sometimes I loose. That’s just the way forex trading is.

Comes with documentation that explains the system in detail. Place your trades at specific times each day and it only takes 1 minute. Comes with an EA that will automatically place the trades for you. The system is easy to learn.

The documentation that comes with the strategy is clear and easy to read. After you install the indicator you just wait for a specific time and place your orders. The strategy also tells you exactly where to put your stop loss and take profit entries. If you don’t have time to trade during the day, you simply load the EA and it trades for you. Use this information and like with any forex strategy or EA, demo trade until you are comfortable with the results before you go live. They also give you back test data on how well the strategy performed in the past.